Jodi Who?



Keep opening doors, big or small you never know what new adventures await you.

My name rhymes so you’ll laugh first and remember later - Jodi Doughty pronounced (JOH-dee DOH-tee) I’m an illustrator, designer and socially conscious entrepreneur. My style of art can be described as quirky eclectic with a groovy vibe. 

I grew up on the central coast in California where I spent my time drawing and painting cartoons on clam shells. I went on to earning a degree in fashion and textile design with a study in graphics. 

Happiness, for me, is when the transformation of what was once an imagined  concept turns into a finished piece, something very real and tangible. My hope is for people to interpret and incorporate my designs to meet there unique personality and individuality. Be daring, be different and always make your own beautiful, bold statement.